SEO Consultant From Nepal

SEO Consultant From Nepal

Scope of SEO in Nepal

Scope of SEO in Nepal

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is becoming a recognized career worldwide with plenty of opportunity available in all business sectors. Now, SEO is preferred career choice for many younger people among all available options.

Before talking about the scope of SEO in Nepal, it is necessary to know about What is SEO? its pros and cons.


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)??


SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is the  process of getting more traffic and affecting the visibility of a website or web pages in search engine from the free, organic or natural search results.

Generally earlier and more frequent results get more visitor in all major search engine like ‘Google’, ‘Yahoo’, ‘Bing’ . So everyone try to push their websites or web pages on the top of search engine but there is certain algorithms and techniques of each search engine which rank the web pages/ sites for search keyword. SEO is simply making the web pages/ sites understandable to search engine as well as People.


Why To Choose SEO as Career?


High Demand

With in increase in demand of SEO services, employment opportunity in the industry is also increase accordingly. Now, every large and small organization focused on website design and development. Due to increase in number of sites, an SEO expert become a need of company along with designer and Developers. Therefore, in coming future you can expect more job opportunities in the Field of Digital marketing and SEO.


Good Money

SEO can be  practiced both ways while working with company as well as solo practitioner. Popular job sites of Nepal like Merojob, Jobsnepal, Ramrojob, Kumarijob and many other posted vacancy for digital marketer(Telemarketer) and SEO expert on daily basis.

As a freelancer SEO expert you can make even more money. All most all freelance sites have dedicated sections for digital marketing and SEO services and offer good money (Around 10$-60$ Per Hour). If you are skilled and confident enough you can start your own SEO company.


Always Something new to Learn

In Search optimization, there is something every day and week to learn. Don’t overwhelmed thinking you have to to an instant expert, just passionate to learn and should know why something new matters.


Test and Learn Culture

There is always the process of test, implement, track and setbacks are seen as path of improvement. In tech related field if you have some innovative idea, then you need not to wait the permission of Boss to implement. If you have proper plan for growth of traffic and revenue, seniority doesn’t matter. Due to this you will get the opportunity to test your skill set and can improve and learn from there.


Many People Developed SEO as career

There are many proofs that as a SEO you can make a successful career. The list is too long to mention here but here are some popular person include Matt Cutts from Google,  Rand Fishkin from SEO MOZ, Neil Patel From QuickSprout, Brian Dean from Backlinko and many others. In Nepal also many people developed their career as a SEO expert.


Ugly Aspects of SEO


Dependent on Search Engine

In many fields there are many things that you cannot control, similarly in SEO Search engine is one. Every Search engine change their rule and algorithm constantly and they do not made public what they changes. Many people make the guess and test how the things work. If you are unable to trigger the updated rule in your strategy in proper time, there would be a huge loss in your ranking and very difficult to satisfy your clients requirements.


No fixed rule

There are no fixed written rule or factors to improve your site ranking. Sometimes even you work hard, follow everything and still result is not coming. You need to passionate and speedy enough to catch every changes made and trigger in time which is very difficult to maintain every time.


Clients and company owner have unreasonable expectations

Every business owner and normal people think SEO is like a magic, if you they hire expert to do they think success will come over night. This misconceptions and understandings make difficult to work. may they have misconceptions about the skills and efforts and time required to excute Good SEO campaign which can also be dangerous. So you need to guide, counsel and present progress carefully in regaular basis.



Scope of SEO in Nepal


Due to rapid growth of online industry, SEO is playing vital role in bringing the visitors to the website and all the companies are spending money in SEO. In recent few years this is one of most happening area and there are a good number of job opportunity in the filed of SEO in Nepal as well.

Every business owner looking for seo service either internally or externally depending on the size of company and budgets. In Nepal, mainly travel and hospitality related company are in front to implement seo and digital marketing service to attract clients from different parts of the world.

SEO has bright future in Nepal, if you have learning attitude, great analytical skills and passion to research and implement strategy.


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